Our Philosophy

We believe one should always follow the heart.
The heart is the birthplace of all things true, all things authentic, and all things that hold an everlasting beauty.
Our creations are guided by our heart.
Sustainability and Transparency 
We value the beauty and magic that Mother Nature has given to us.
All of our products are handcrafted from sustainable materials.
Our Vintage Brass Stampings are sourced directly from manufacturers and factories in the USA. No imitations.
Our suppliers have been around since the late 1800s. 
Crystals, Pearls, and all embellishments are from Swarovski, Austria.
These sparkly pieces of delight are lead free and environmentally friendly.
We only use Swarovski. 
Everything is energy. Our accessories are made from high quality elements with integrity and beautiful energy.
Ethical Production
All our accessories are designed and handcrafted using traditional methods with raw elements in our boutique studio - Sydney, Australia. 
Our accessories are handcrafted with love, made with hands, made by real people. 
Slow Fashion
We are grateful for the opportunity to create. We love what we do - and we know fashion doesn't save the world.
The world doesn't need another brand.
...And, there is joy to be found in self-expression, celebration, and excitement.
Our intention is to create beautiful accessories that are everlasting.
Accessories that transcend time. Accessories with purpose and meaning. Accessories that delight you and make you proud.
No retailers
We want to make handcrafted luxury accessible. Our accessories can only be purchased directly from our online store. 
By being online and serving our customers directly, we can pass on these savings to you without compromising on quality, sustainability, and ethical production. 
No fashion calendar. No trends.

True luxury transcends trends. 

Each of our creations are mindfully bought to life inspired by a moment, a place, a piece of wisdom.
We are guided by romance and wonderment.
We create our accessories throughout the year; with each design being produced in limited numbers.
We don't reproduce our designs once they are sold-out. 

We're all about romance

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